Disney announces Marvel lands in three parks

Disney Parks announced today that three new Marvel lands will come to Disney California Adventure, Walt Disney Studios, and Hong Kong Disneyland.

No specific details were provided in this announcement, but a couple of hints were dropped.  Those include a bugs land in Disney California Adventure closing at the end of the summer, an additional mention of the retheming of Paris’ Rock N’ Rollercoaster, and a new Antman ride in Hong Kong.

Top 10 Launched Roller Coasters

Roller coasters these days are not always propelled by a lift hill.  Launches can provide a more thrilling way to start a ride.  They provide differentiation for the parks that have them.  Launches come in all different methods from using magnets (LIM or LSM) to hydraulic launch, to more primitive methods such as a winch, weight drop, or tires.

These are the launched roller coasters that we believe are the best in the business today:

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