DarKoaster, the World’s First All-Indoor Straddle Coaster, Debuts in 2023 at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Press Release from Busch Gardens Williamsburg

WILLIAMSBURG, VA. (September 6, 2022) – DarKoasterTM, the world’s first all-indoor straddle coaster, will open in 2023 at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The new attraction is the park’s tenth coaster and an unprecedented, family-friendly addition to Busch Gardens’ thrill ride portfolio. The new coaster will be housed in the iconic Curse of DarKastle building, paying homage to the previous ride with subtle theming nods for loyal park fans.

King Ludwig’s abandoned fortress resurfaces as strange weather patterns have been recorded near the cursed castle grounds. Only the bravest souls will embark on snowmobiles in this dark expedition to discover the mysterious phenomenon. A supernatural force is imminent as explorers discover that they are evading more than just a raging storm.

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg Launches New Special Event – Coasters and Craft Brews

Press Release from Busch Gardens Williamsburg

WILLIAMSBURG, VA (July 30, 2020) – Busch Gardens® Williamsburg announced today the launch of an ALL-NEW special event – Coasters and Craft Brews. While the general park remains closed, this new specially ticketed outdoor event will highlight an array of hand-picked park experiences including three iconic roller coasters, high flying Screamin’ Swing, ice cold local and craft brews, and tasty barbeque. Coasters and Craft Brews will run August 6 -16, Thursdays from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.   The park will host a Members only sneak peek on Wednesday, August 5 from 5 – 9 p.m.

Reservations for the Coasters and Craft Brews special event are required for all those who attend and will be available starting today by visiting buschgardens.com/williamsburg/reservation.

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg Provides Free Classroom Resources

Press Release from Busch Gardens Williamsburg

WILLIAMSBURG, VA. (March 31, 2020) – Busch Gardens® Williamsburg understands that the need for turnkey, engaging activities now more than ever.   Our parks have developed standards-aligned resources available to help families virtually explore the wild world of animals and nature for grades K-12.  Parents, students and teachers can explore hands-on, creative resources including Classroom Activities, Teacher’s Guides, Saving a Species Video Series, Animal Bytes and Animal Info Books.

Busch Gardens distance learning resources can help everyone continue to explore, discover and stay connected in a fun and inspiring environment.

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2020 – Preview (North America Edition)

It’s about this time of year I start composing all sorts of lists of the places I’d like to visit. Plans are typically influenced by a variety of factors ranging from checking off things off a bucket list, to visiting old favorites all influenced by travel deals. One of the primary things that I look at is what are the new theme parks and attractions that are opening in the coming year. In this article, I go through that list with you.

Iron Gwazi Construction from November 2019

Things certainly are not slowing down in 2020 in the theme park world. This year there is so much happening in the US alone, that we’ll split our preview into multiple articles leaving the rest of the world for later. In no particular order, here’s what we have to look forward to next year:


The US is getting a brand new theme park in 2020!. Planned to open on the 4th of July, LEGOLAND New York will be the third park of its kind in North America. The park will be built on the largest plot of land for a LEGOLAND park ever, leading to nearly endless possibilities for future expansion. At opening, the park will be anchored by the unique LEGO Factory Adventure trackless dark ride as well as familiar LEGOLAND staples including the Dragon coaster, Ninjago: The Ride, Driving and Boating Schools as well as our personal favorite: Miniland.

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Pantheon coming to Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Williamsburg announced today that a new steel coaster will be built in the park’s Festa Italia section for 2020.

Pantheon will be designed by Intamin Worldwide and be a multi-launch coaster featuring a fast track switch. The ride will feature yellow track and two 20 person trains.

Photo courtesy of Busch Gardens Williamsburg
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