A Cedar Point themed quiz is now available!

Prove your knowledge of Cedar Point’s attractions, theaters, restaurants and resort areas. Randomly generated every time, try it for yourself in time for some Memorial Day weekend fun.

The quiz can be found here: https://www.themeparkarchive.com/quizzes/cedar-point

Registration is not required to participate in the quiz. It is only required if you’d like to top the leaderboard. Looking for a bigger challenge? Try the original 25 Random Questions quiz where all of the content on the site is up for grabs!

Stay tuned as more themed quizzes as well as many more photo update content is coming soon!

Introducing Quizzes!

Today we have introduced a new site discovery feature to allow you to learn more about theme parks. The new quiz engine has debuted containing a randomized set of 25 questions every time featuring all the various theme parks and attractions on the site.

A scoring system was developed such that you get points based on correct answers and how fast you answer. Feel free to share your score on Twitter and Facebook and register using our brand new site registration integration if you want to be featured on the leaderboard. Site registration is not required to participate.

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