Top 10 Launched Roller Coasters

Roller coasters these days are not always propelled by a lift hill.  Launches can provide a more thrilling way to start a ride.  They provide differentiation for the parks that have them.  Launches come in all different methods from using magnets (LIM or LSM) to hydraulic launch, to more primitive methods such as a winch, weight drop, or tires.

These are the launched roller coasters that we believe are the best in the business today:

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Sea World Orlando announces opening date for Mako

Mako, the new B&M hyper coaster in Sea World Orlando will open on June 10th the park announced today.  The roller coaster will be the tallest (tied with Sheikra) and longest, fastest in Florida.  Mako will be the third roller coaster from B&M in the park.

In the months leading up to opening, Sea World Orlando will present a new show at Nautilus theater titled Mako Rising.  The Mako Rising sneak preview show will run twice daily offering a sneak peek of the new attraction.

Read more about Mako on SeaWorld Orlando’s web page.

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Top 10 Roller Coasters that drop over 200 feet

Since Cedar Point’s Magnum XL-200 roller coaster debuted in 1989 as the first roller coaster to drop from 200 feet, dozens of roller coasters have been built eclipsing that milestone.  Each hyper coaster (over 200 ft), giga coaster (over 300ft), or strata coaster (over 400ft) is typically its park’s signature ride.  Currently, Intamin and B&M are the most common manufacturers for this style of roller coaster. They build upon the legacy of Arrow Dynamics and Morgan.

These are the roller coasters that drop over 200 feet that we believe distinguish themselves from the rest:

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