In the last couple days, I’ve gone and made a couple small changes to the site which I hope will result in a better user experience.

I implemented page caching on most of the areas on the site which should result in much faster load times. No more waiting for our huge list of parks to load! I’ll keep working on getting the algorithm right, but generally I’d expect the overall experience to be much better.

I’ve also started making some tweaks to the photo update pages to make them easier to browse. There is a spotlight photo that is now featured at the top of the update and I’ve taken out pagination and replaced it with infinite scroll which should make viewing, especially on mobile much easier. Finally, at the end of each update there will now be recommendations for what related content might be interesting to look at next.

Let me know if you run into any issues. Still many more little things I’d like to get done.



Hello, I created Theme Park Archive. I enjoy sharing photos, videos and stories from my theme park adventures with others.