In this continuation to the first 2020 preview article, I continue my analysis of what new attractions are coming to theme parks in 2020 looking towards developments in Europe, Asia and Australia. There are surely some exciting new things happening, and these are the ones I am most looking forwards to experiencing.

Rookburgh construction from August 2019.

Things certainly are not slowing down in 2020 in the theme park world. This year there is so much happening in North America alone, that we’ll split our preview into multiple articles leaving the rest of the world for later. Check out our 2020 North America preview here. In no particular order, here’s what we have to look forward to next year in the rest of the world.

Rookburgh and F.L.Y. – Phantasialand

Phantasialand has a project that has been in the works for over four years. 2020 looks to be the year that it all comes together and the new Rookburgh expansion finally opens. This expansion will feature the world’s longest flying coaster F.L.Y.. Not only will the ride be the longest, but it will be the only one featuring a launch. In addition to F.L.Y., a new hotel and we presume new dining areas will complete the new themed region of the park.

Rookburgh construction from 2017.

Aqualantis & Abyssus – Energylandia

Energylandia in southern Poland has been expanding at an incredible pace the last half of the decade. What started as a park filled with stock children’s attractions, in the last couple years, we have seen Energylandia add signature attractions in Hyperion and Zadra. This year, a whole new themed area of the park is scheduled to open. Named Aqualantis, the park will be anchored by Abyssus, a Vekoma launched coaster as well as a Mack boat ride and Disk-O coaster.

Abyssus – Photo courtesy of Energylandia

Super Nintendo Land – Universal Studios Japan

Quite possibly the singular item this year getting the most hype and having the most expectations surrounding it is the opening of the first Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan. The new themed section of the park is scheduled to open just ahead of the Olympics featuring a Mario Kart themed dark ride and a Yoshi themed tracked ride. Few specific details about the area have been released, but if there renderings are anything to go by, this place will be something special.

Super Nintendo World – Rendering courtesy of Universal Studios Japan

Pirates of Batavia – Europa Park

In the summer of 2018, sadly the Scandinavian section of Europa Park caught fire and with it the original Pirates of Batavia ride was destroyed. Fast forward one year, and Europa Park had rebuilt all of Scandinavia (and added a new dark ride) and now in 2020, the brand new Pirates of Batavia is set to open. We expect the ride to feature a new ride system from Mack Rides as well as an immersive experience provided by MackMedia.

Still from Pirates of Batavia teaser courtesy of Europa Park

10 Inversion Coaster – Flamingoland

While the new coaster does not yet have a name, the photos Flamingoland has shared of their new 10 inversion coaster have been stunning. The second coaster of its type in England, we hope this ride has some of the more modern versions of restraints to provide an excellent ride experience.

Photo courtesy of Flamingoland

GP Racers – Suzuka Circuit Motopia

At a park that is already the leader in having the most self-driving rides, Motopia is adding yet another in 2020. GP Racers seems to be a new take on the Maurer Spike coaster by Hoei Sangyo. On this ride, riders will be able to control their speed as they race another ride vehicle.

Photo courtesy of Motopia

New Fantasyland – Tokyo Disneyland

A large expansion to Fantasyland is opening in Tokyo Disneyland this year. Fantasyland will expand towards Tomorrowland with the introduction of two new attractions: A Beauty and the Beast themed trackless dark ride and a Big Hero 6 themed Baymax spinning ride. Both rides are guaranteed to be hits providing a new take on a proven ride vehicle concept.

New Fantasyland – Photo courtesy of Tokyo Disneyland Resort

Hals-über-Kopf and Voldampf – Tripsdrill

Tripsdrill is going all out this year opening not one, but two Vekoma roller coasters. In a project that certainly has surprised me in its scope, the park is building an inverted rollercoaster and family boomerang that will interact with each other as their layouts are intertwined.

Still from video courtesy of Tripsdrill

Leviathan – Sea World Gold Coast

Sea World Gold Coast is reimagining its Atlantis region. Dubbing it “New Atlantis”, this themed area will be anchored by the Gravity Group coaster Leviathan. This wooden coaster will be the largest of its kind in Australia, and one of the larger scope models we have seen Gravity Group build recently. The ride is planned to open in December 2020.

Photo courtesy of Sea World Gold Coast

Max + Moritz – Efteling

Efteling didn’t waste much time in finding a replacement for Bob, the park’s bobsled ride that closed at the end of last summer. New for 2020 is Max + Moritz. This attraction is not one, but two dueling Mack powered launched coasters that travel in opposite directions and feature several moments of interaction. Efteling is going all out to theme this attraction.

Max + Moritz – Image courtesy of Efteling.

Mission Ferrari – Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Mission Ferrari is a ride shrouded in mystery. The track was built over two years ago and has just been sitting there waiting for the rest of the ride to get constructed. This ride is a new ride type from Dynamic Attractions and features dark ride portions we know nothing above. We know that Dynamic loves to push boundaries and create new and innovative attractions, and expect that this ride may be something special.

Rendering courtesy of Ferrari World

Objectif Mars – Futuroscope

Futuroscope is opening their first roller coaster! We don’t know much about it, but given the caliber of attractions at the park, we expect a highly themed experience using technology in new and exciting ways. We know that a good portion of this coaster is built inside and Intamin is the manufacturer so there is a lot of potential here. This won’t be a high thrill coaster, but rather one families can enjoy together.

Rendering courtesy of Futuroscope

Tornado Springs + Storm Chaser – Paultons Park

Paultons Park is building their largest expansion this offseason. Targeting older children, the new Tornado Springs area will be anchored by a Mack Spinning coaster. We believe the layout to be the same as Knott’s Berry Farm’s Sierra Sidewinder. The park has been doing a great job providing updates on the construction progress of the new area and we expect it to be the best themed area of the park.

Rendering courtesy of Paultons Park

Wakala – Bellewaerde

Wakala is a Gerstlauer family shuttle coaster that will take riders forwards and backwards along its course. The ride was announced just about a month ago, but construction progress is already well on its way. The ride gives the park another solid family attraction that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Rendering courtesy of Bellewaerde



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