Top 10 Roller Coasters that drop over 200 feet

Since Cedar Point’s Magnum XL-200 roller coaster debuted in 1989 as the first roller coaster to drop from 200 feet, dozens of roller coasters have been built eclipsing that milestone.  Each hyper coaster (over 200 ft), giga coaster (over 300ft), or strata coaster (over 400ft) is typically its park’s signature ride.  Currently, Intamin and B&M are the most common manufacturers for this style of roller coaster. They build upon the legacy of Arrow Dynamics and Morgan.

These are the roller coasters that drop over 200 feet that we believe distinguish themselves from the rest:

Honorable Mention: Cannibal at Lagoon
While not in the top 10, it was hard not to recognize Cannibal.  This new for 2015 ride is one of the most unique 200ft+ roller coasters in existence.  It combines lap bars, an elevator lift, and multiple inversions to provide a very thrilling ride.

Honorable Mention: Griffon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Griffon is one of B&M’s boldest dive coaster efforts.  Set in the backdrop of the New France section of the park, Griffon contains the largest dive coaster trains (10 across) and a signature first drop under a bridge, not to mention a water splashdown at the end.  It’s hard to leave out the other 200 footer at the park, Apollo’s Chariot, too.

Honorable Mention: Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point
All current roller coasters that surpass 400ft are of a similar style.  The rides are very short, but exhilarating providing 100+ MPH speeds.  Of the strata coasters, Top Thrill Dragster gets our vote as the top ride due to its more comfortable and open train design.

10: Phantom’s Revenge at Kennywood
Originally the Steel Phantom, this ride was redesigned by Morgan transforming it from a rough Arrow looper to a fantastic hyper coaster.  This ride is famous for having its second drop be the longest on the ride, diving into the valley through Thunderbolt.

9 : Diamondback at Kings Island
Diamondback distinguishes itself through its use of B&M’s two across hyper trains and track layout that has it disappear into the Maumee river valley.  Diamondback’s finale is an interesting water splash element.

8: Skyrush at Hersheypark
If you like ejector airtime, few do it better than Skyrush.  This ride contains unique 4 across trains where you can ride over the track, or on a wing.

7: Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland
Leviathan is B&M’s first giga coaster.  This ride carries incredible speed across its over mile long course that includes interacting with the park entrance.  This ride also includes one of the highest and longest brake runs.

6: Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure
Of the first generation of B&M hyper coasters built, Nitro has the most aggressive and intense layout.  Nitro is one of the rare Six Flags roller coasters that ends up soaring through a forest and not over an abandoned parking lot.

5: Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland
Canada’s Wonderland has two B&M roller coasters over 200 feet.  The original, Behemoth, still stands out as the best hyper design using their two across trains.  While Leviathan provides crazy speed, Behemoth matches with floater air.

4: Superman: The Ride at Six Flags New England
This is the ride formerly known as Bizarro and before that formerly known as Superman: Ride of Steel.  Whatever you want to call it, this is Intamin’s best hyper coaster.

3: Millennium Force at Cedar Point
If we are just ranking the best drops, this ride’s drop takes the cake.  There is nothing like getting yanked by the elevator cable lift system and dropping at 93 miles on hour while taking in the views from the Cedar Point peninsula.

2: Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion
Intimidator 305 builds upon the precedent laid by Millennium Force and then takes it up another notch by adding crazy high lateral transitions swerving left and right while going over 90 miles an hour.  This ride had to be redesigned due to how many people were blacking out after the first drop.  Even with track modifications, the intensity did not go away at all.

1: Fury 325 at Carowinds
Fury 325 is B&M’s boldest entry to date.  The ride takes the speed introduced by Leviathan and adds several airtime hills that together land this ride at the top of our list this year.  At night, the ride comes alive with its great-very green lighting package.

Top 10 Inverted Roller Coasters

Inverted roller coasters distinguish themselves by their style where you fly underneath the track.  B&M, Intamin, and Vekoma are the primary manufacturers of inverted roller coasters, each has their own distinct track and train styles.  These are the inverted roller coasters we believe distinguish themselves from the rest:


Honorable Mention: Batman the Ride at Six Flags Great America
In the 1990’s, this model of inverted roller coaster seemed to pop up in every (Six Flags) park.  The layout is a winner.  While short, this ride provides one of the most intense experiences on any roller coaster.  Lately Six Flags has begun to reinvigorate the ride by adding backward facing trains on the ride.  We’ve given the award to the original ride, but clones can be found in Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags over Georgia, Six Flags over Texas, Six Flags St. Louis, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Sea World San Antonio, La Ronde, and many more parks.

10: Great Bear at Hersheypark
Great Bear is a custom layout roller coaster by B&M on which you soar over Comet Hollow.  While relatively short, Great Bear’s interaction with other rides including superdooperlooper and Coal Cracker make the ride experience special.

9 : Volcano at Kings Dominion
This Intamin inverted coaster launches you two times.  The second time vertically out of a fire-spewing volcano.  The ride is very unique and earns this recognition through its excellent use of theming as well as a thrilling ride experience.

8: Afterburn at Carowinds
This underappreciated ride at Carowinds has a very intense layout featuring one of the rare Batwing elements on a B&M roller coaster.  This ride was originally dubbed Top Gun by Paramount Parks.

7: Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park
This UK roller coaster is inspired by the classic: Nemesis at Alton Towers.  The theming on this ride and queue surpass that of almost all of the other competitors.

6: Dragon Challenge at Universal Islands of Adventure
This ride is an engineering masterpiece by B&M.  This is actually a pair of completely different inverted roller coasters themed to Harry Potter lore: Hungarian Horntail and Chinese Fireball that contain 3 near miss moments and 5 inversions.  Chinese Fireball provides the slightly more intense and better experience in our experience.  Unfortunately the ride no longer duels due to safety concerns dropping it down in the rankings.  This ride was originally known as Dueling Dragons.

5: Raptor at Cedar Point
The tallest and fastest inverted roller coaster when it opened, Raptor built upon the foundation created by Batman the Ride to create an intense ride experience with 6 inversions.  This was the first inverted coaster to feature a cobra roll.

4: Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa
Montu one ups Raptor with a 7th inversion.  This ride contains two strong ride halves, the second half taking you underground several times.  This ride is found in Busch Garden Tampa’s Egypt section.

3: Alpengeist – Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Built a year after Montu, Busch Gardens Williamsburg introduced what is still the world’s tallest complete circuit inverted roller coaster.  Themed after a ski ride gone wrong in Germany, Alpengeist swoops you in and out of the River Rhine valley.

2: Banshee – Kings Island
Opened in 2014, more than 20 years after the first inverted coaster, Banshee reimagines the inverted coaster.  Built by B&M on the site of the former Son of Beast, this roller coaster layout brings back the intense layouts the company used to design in the past.  What sets Banshee apart is its modest theming package, excellent pacing, and track length.  Banshee is the world’s longest inverted roller coaster.  It utilizes a new train style similar to that found on wing-rider coasters that contains much more open over the shoulder restraints.

1: Nemesis – Alton Towers
The title of best inverted coaster goes to the UK, and it isn’t close.  Nemesis bills itself as the world’s most extreme ride experience.  While that is probably not true, the layout of this ride is one that is literally impossible to be duplicated.  Almost the entire ride is situated below ground level where riders gets turned upside down 4 times.  All the time soaring through caverns and rushing through rock blasted quarries.  This is one ride not to miss.