at Canada's Wonderland

We climb up Wonder Mountain

Canada's Wonderland Photos Taken: 09/17/2022 Posted: 09/20/2022

In this photo update, we share our experiences from attending the 2022 edition of ACE Canada's Rollercoasters 'Eh event. The event featured early morning tours of Wonder Mountain and Behemoth as well as morning ERT on Yukon Striker and Minebuster and evening ERT on Leviathan

There was no shortage of food to be had, from early morning snacks, breakfast, lunch and Beavertails offered as prt of the event to two dining plan meals at what turned out to be the first operating day of the park's newest eatery Lazy Bear Lodge. Through hapenstance we were able to be there for the opening of all three of Cedar Fair's new eateries in 2022 with Farmhouse at Cedar Point and Knott's Prop Shop Pizzeria being the others.

The park was celebrating it annual Oktoberfest event with Haunt preparations underway ready to begin the following weekend. Follow along as we take you around the Cedar Fair park that is north of the border.



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Wonder Mountain's Guardian   Canada's Wonderland

Wonder Mountain's Guardian Canada's Wonderland

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We climb up Wonder Mountain

We climb up Wonder Mountain

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Leviathan   Canada's Wonderland 2012

Leviathan Canada's Wonderland 2012

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