As an enthusiast of theme parks and rollercoasters, one of the best way to get more out of your theme park experience is to attend events with like minded people. This category contains photo updates from roller coaster enthusiast and park sponsored special events. These often feature behind the scenes photo opportunities as well as extended riding sessions.

Total Eclipse of the Point
Cedar Point 121 Photos Posted: 04/15/2024
Coaster Con 45 at Carowinds
Carowinds 240 Photos Posted: 02/17/2024
Coaster Con 45 at Dollywood
Dollywood 282 Photos Posted: 02/11/2024
We get the high score on Primordial
Lagoon 142 Photos Posted: 10/15/2023
Coasterstock 2022
Kings Island 196 Photos Posted: 02/21/2023