Yukon Striker Opening Weekend

Canada's Wonderland Photos Taken: 05/05/2019 Posted: 05/06/2019

In this update, we visited Canada's Wonderland to take on Yukon Striker. The ride did not disappoint! The ride packs a punch starting from the get go with a first drop going straight into a tunnel. The ride's theming is impressive and fits in nicely. Yukon Striker is the first ride at Canada's Wonderland to feature a single rider line, which is a nice touch.

Along with the new dive coaster, Canada's Wonderland also rethemed the back of the park to Frontier Canada. The section encompasses many of the newer attractions added to the park in the past couple years including Flying Canoes and Lumberjack.

In other news, the park removed Orbiter this year. In its place is a new path connecting Yukon Striker with Behemoth.