Coaster Con 43 at Dorney Park

Dorney Park Photos Taken: 06/23/2021 Posted: 09/16/2021

In this photo update, we share photos from our two days at the third host park of American Coaster Enthusiast's 2021 Coaster Con event. Dorney Park was a great host offering ERT both mornings and one evening. We got to celebrate the anniversaries of the Whip and Carousel with birthday cake, climbed the lift of Talon, got free roam to walk around Thunderhawk before opening, participated in the Rubber Ducky Regatta, toured a haunted house and got several great meals.

Thanks again to ACE and Dorney Park for hosting this event. Enjoy the photos!

Haunt at Dorney Park
Haunt - Dorney Park
Date Taken: 06/23/2021
Date Posted: 09/16/2021
This concludes this update. Our next stop was Knoebels. Stay tuned!