Winterfest at Carowinds

Carowinds Photos Taken: 12/29/2019 Posted: 12/20/2020

In this update, we share photos from our visit to Carowinds last year for Winterfest. It rained the entire day leading up to this event and that seemed to scare the guests away. Sadly the park closed due to low attendance an hour and a half after opening with no warning.

We were able to experience several rides on Copperhead Strike and Afterburn, but didn't get a chance to get around to all of the special holiday activities.

Nevertheless, we did try to run around the park at its early closing to capture some sights from around the park.

Carolina Boardwalk at Carowinds
Carolina Boardwalk - Carowinds
Date Taken: 12/29/2019
Date Posted: 12/20/2020
Construction of the park's new racing mat slides had just started.