We visit the only open amusement park in Ohio

Sluggers & Putters Amusement Park Photos Taken: 06/14/2020 Posted: 06/18/2020

What a year 2020 has been! After a 3 month hiatus while a pandemic formed around us, things have stabilized here in Ohio enough that our parks are starting to open back up.

Our first park in this 'new normal' was actually a new one for us. Sluggers and Putters Amusement Park located just outside of Canton, OH is a family entertainment center that happens to operate several amusement rides and even one roller coaster.

Our trip was all round positive. The pair of mini golf courses were above average. The standout attraction for us were the bumper boats which operated in a manner that you could stay on as long as you wished.

We recommend making a visit to this park. It's a great value for the golf and go-karts alone.

Flying Monkey Arcade at Sluggers & Putters Amusement Park
Flying Monkey Arcade - Sluggers & Putters Amusement Park
Date Taken: 06/14/2020
Date Posted: 06/18/2020
That's all for this update. We continue to wait patiently for Orion and Candymonium. Soon!