We ride the world's longest VR coaster

Phantasialand Photos Taken: 08/18/2019 Posted: 03/09/2020

While visiting Europe last summer, we couldn't help but make a return visit to Phantasialand. Along with Europa Park and Efteling, this has become on of our favorite parks in the world to visit.

Phantasialand has a world class collection of unique rides and attractions. The ride offering is extremely balanced and there truly is not a bad ride.

The year's new attraction is a VR overhaul of Temple of the Night Hawk using Mack's VR Coaster technology. It's great execution of the concept, but we still prefer to three lifthill all in the dark experience.

The park is busy constructing Rookbugh which hopefully will open in 2020 featuring the F.L.Y. Vekoma launched flying coaster and the Hotel Charles Lindburgh.

River Quest at Phantasialand
River Quest - Phantasialand
Date Taken: 08/18/2019
Date Posted: 03/09/2020
That concludes this update. The next day was our last full day on the trip. On the agenda was riding Fury and Untamed in one day.