We ride our most sought after coaster

Kolmarden Photos Taken: 08/11/2019 Posted: 12/29/2019

In this update, we visit a roller coaster we have been trying to figure out how we'd get to, from the moment it was announced. This roller coaster is none other than Wildfire and the park was Kolmarden.

Nestled a few hours drive from Stockholm in Sweden, Kolmarden is a zoo with some standout attractions. Namely, the RMC wooden coaster Wildfire and the Doppelmayr Gondola Safari ride. The zoo is huge. From the park entrance to Wildfire was a half hour walk.

As for Wildfire, the ride did not disappoint. It may be the roller coaster built in the most scenic location. It also provided the thrills we have come to expect from RMC. The ride truly is one of their marquee rides. Not as intense as Outlaw Run or Lightning Rod, but with great usage of the terrain never giving up speed until the very end.

Komarden is much more than just Wildfire. As a zoo, it is one of the more impressive ones we have visited. Without hesitation we recommend visiting this zoo if you have the means to do so.