We ride New Mexico's only wooden coaster

Cliff's Amusement Park Posted: 08/04/2019

Cliff's Amusement Park has been a park that has been on radar for years, but we never could exactly line up the appropriate trip to come visit. This year, we made it a purpose to finally stop by, and we are glad we did.

New Mexico Rattler is an awesome wooden coaster designed by CCI that is still running great. Around the ride is a wonderful family run amusement park and small water park that is being kept up nicely and offers a nice escape from the New Mexico desert.

Besides Rattler, Cliff's other attractions include a Galaxi coaster, log flume, train ride and an impressive amount of flats.

Misc at Cliff's Amusement Park
Misc - Cliff's Amusement Park Date Taken: 07/03/2019 Date Posted: 08/04/2019

And that's all for this update. Next we visit Western Playland.