We ride an S&S protoype ride

Skara Sommarland Photos Taken: 08/11/2019 Posted: 01/07/2020

No, not Axis. We traveled to the outer reaches of Sweden to Skara Sommarland in order to ride Tranan. Tranan is the world's only free fly coaster. This prototype ride has rider sit on both sides of the track single file with only a seat belt as a restraint. Through the course of the ride, the track will rotate in such a way that the riders on the left of the train will end up on the right, and vice versa. All while not going upside down. The transition moments are not too intense, but still a lot of fun.

Outside of Tranan, Skara Sommarland contains a nice selection of other rides including an impressive waterpark. The park was a worthy pit stop on our way to Liseberg.