We ride an Alan Schilke designed coaster in Denmark

Farup Sommerland Photos Taken: 08/14/2019 Posted: 01/19/2020

No, there are no Rocky Mountain Construction coasters in Denmark yet... In this photo update, we visit Fårup Sommerland in the northern portion of Denmark for the first time. Here exists a variety of unique and fun attractions highlighted by Lynet, a launched Gerstlauer Eurofighter coaster, Orkanen, a Vekoma Family Suspended Coaster, and Falken, a S&S / Vekoma Alan Schilke designed Family Wooden Coaster.

Follow along with us as we take you around the park. We absolutely loved Fårup Sommerland and wished we could have spent more time here. There is just so much to see and do. The park features a nontraditional layout, sort of like Knoebels, and thus requires exploration to uncover all the attractions. Outside of the typical rides and rollercoasters, the park has several water slides as well as recreational equipment such as boats that you can borrow in several locations in the park.

In this update, we'll annotate our journey under the appropriate pictures.

Flagermusen at Farup Sommerland
Flagermusen - Farup Sommerland
Date Taken: 08/14/2019
Date Posted: 01/19/2020
Our first attraction was the park's spinning mouse coaster.
Lynet at Farup Sommerland
Lynet - Farup Sommerland
Date Taken: 08/14/2019
Date Posted: 01/19/2020
There is a fair amount of theming in front of the ride. Sort of reminded me of the area in Holiday World by Thunderbird.