Waldameer Park Opening Day 2021

Waldameer Park Photos Taken: 05/15/2021 Posted: 05/22/2021

In this photo update, we take you around Waldameer Park to show you how a park visit looks like in 2021.

While the park is not adding any new attractions this year, it has reopened everything that did not open last year including the walkthrough attraction Pirate's Cove. Also, the park did adid add two new attractions last year that are sure to still nbe new to many. These would be the Whirlwind SPF Visa spinning coaster and a 6 lane mat race slide that will open with the water park Memorial Day weekend.

Misc at Waldameer Park
Misc - Waldameer Park
Date Taken: 05/15/2021
Date Posted: 05/22/2021
From the top of the Ferris Wheel you can see the whole park.