There's more than corn in Indiana

Indiana Beach Photos Taken: 08/06/2020 Posted: 10/12/2020

What a strange year 2020 has been. Who would have thought that the almost closed forever Indiana Beach would open ahead of Cedar Point this summer and the opening date would be in late June?

We made it a point to patronize this park, given its recent struggles and the new life it had just been given. What we found was a well taken care of park that seems to be taking its first successful steps towards a promising future,

What we also found sadly, was the poorest implementation protocol with minimal measures to keep guests and staff safe. Mask wearing was almost non-existent amongst visitors and guests, social distancing markers were not spaced out appropriately and were simply ignored and rides continued to run at full capacity. This apparent lack of caring made our visit short and much less enjoyable than it should have been. This opinion is based on visiting countless other parks this summer and experiencing significantly different guest experiences elsewhere.

We're thrilled that the park has reopened, and that the park's signature attractions have been saved, but find it difficult to recommend a return visit until the pandemic is under control.