Jolly Rancher Attractions Media Preview

Hersheypark Photos Taken: 05/26/2022 Posted: 05/26/2022

In this photo update, we show you every nook and cranny of Hersheypark's new for 2022 attractions themed to the Jolly Rancher candy brand.

The park's 30 year old Vekoma Boomerang Sidewinder has been given new life as Jolly Rancher Remix! When we saw the ride was being painted green over the offseason, it seemed like an odd choice, but the park had a plan. This is no ordinary reskin. The ride has been completely restored with a refurbished station, signage and train shell. The biggest new element of the attraction is a light, sound and scent feature added to the attraction that is randomized every cycle to represent one of the many flavors of Jolly Rancher candy. We experienced grape, sour apple and watermelon. Each theme has its own music, lighting and of course scents. Music in the whole area is synchronized and cranked up! The audio is not on board the trains, but rather through lots of speakers placed throughout the ride's path. The lighting effects involve many synchronized moving lights. It looked good in the daytime, but it should be a spectacle at night. The scents come from inside a newly build tunnel between the ride's cobra roll and loop. The tunnel fills up with fog and scent right before the train approaches and many lights flash. Of course as it is a Boomerang, you go through the tunnel twice. Probably not surprising to those of you that have ridden Sidewinder, the ride is running great. It is smooth and enjoyable. Something that can be attributed to the new style Vekoma trains with vest restraints. No head-banging here. Honestly, it is the best Vekoma Boomerang in the world and something we think people will want to re-ride.

Not to be outdone, the second new attraction is mix'd, a Zamperla NebulaZ ride located inside the Cobra Roll. This is one of the hot new flat rides in the amusement industry currently and there aren't too many of them that have been built yet, so it will be a novelty to many. It was a great choice to add this type of ride and its placement is in a really neat location.

Not yet here, but coming soon will be a food truck selling different flavors of Jolly Rancher sorbet. We got to sample some flavors and it sure is delicious.

The Jolly Rancher attractions officially open Memorial Day Weekend. Hopefully you'll get a chance to experience them. Follow along as we share some photos from this latest addition to Hersheypark.



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