Cedar Point Winter Chill Out 2019

Cedar Point Photos Taken: 02/23/2019 Posted: 02/23/2019

In this annual offseason tour where all proceeds went to A Kid Again, Cedar Point showed off what is new for the 2019 season.

Key announcements included

  • Hugo's Italian Kitchen replacing Midway Market
  • BackBeatQue restaurant built on the site of Witches' Wheel
  • New Snoopy show in Jack Aldrich Theatre
  • Forbidden Frontier will be similar to Knott's Ghost Town Alive. Entrance will be through the Shoot the Rapids station.
  • Frontier Festival is an expanded Brew and BBQ.
  • Tilt-A-Whirl is being rethemed to Linus
  • Cell phone ban on Steel Vengeance will not be in effect. Pouches will be placed on the trains similar to Twisted Timbers.