at Fun Spot America Atlanta

ArieForce One Media Day

Fun Spot America Atlanta Preview Photos Taken: 03/31/2023 Posted: 04/01/2023

In this photo update, we share with you our coverage of the opening of the newest Rocky Mountain Construction roller coaster that has been built at Fun Spot America Atlanta.

ArieForce One, named after the chain's founder John Arie, Sr, is truly a best of amalgamation of RMC's greatest hits . The ride was built ground up, designed completely with steel supports and featuring a signature arch lift truss. The roller coaster features a 146 foot tall lift hill, goes up to 64 miles per hour and features four inversions including the largest zero-G stall in America and a unique roll over an existing arcade building.

The development of this attraction was surprising, as a roller coaster of such scale has never been built at a family entertainment center anywhere. Fun Spot Atlanta now has a signature attraction that is amongst the most elite roller coasters in the world. The park is firmware on the map in the theme park world now, and the park has future aspirations to continue to grow.

Follow along as we share our impressions of the ride and provide you many different angles of this groundbreaking new attraction.

This happened to be our first visit to Fun Spot Atlanta, so there will be more coverage from the park happening soon, but currently it feels right to spotlight ArieForce One.

Thanks to Fun Spot America Atlanta for hosting us at this event.



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