An unplanned visit to a Bob Hund concert

Furuvik Photos Taken: 08/10/2019 Posted: 12/22/2019

When planning and executing multi-week theme park trips, you always need to be prepared for the unexpected. Changes of plan are the norm. Sometimes you miss out on a ride or attraction, but at the same time sometimes you get to experience more than you planned for. This update covers one of those days.

The day we were visiting Grona Lund, we took a look at the operational calendar for a small park two hours north of Stockholm called Furuvik. We knew very little about the park besides looking at the entry on rcdb and knowing the park was part of Parks and Resorts Scandinavia. Last we had looked, Furuvik was closing at 7pm the day we were at Grona Lund and it would be very difficult for us to adequately experience Grona Lund and make the trek to Furuvik. This all changed when a Bob Lund concert seemed to have been added to the Furuvik Live schedule. With this newly added event, the park hours extended to 11pm and a window opened for us to visit the park! Sadly the zoo portion was not open, but regardless it was worth the trek. To make matters better, we got to attend a free concert and ate a delicious Parks and Resorts Scandinavia 'Fish and Chips' cone.

Check out photos from our first visit to this park below: