A retro amusement park in Denver

Lakeside Amusement Park Photos Taken: 07/01/2019 Posted: 07/25/2019

This update covers our very first visit to Lakeside Park in Denver. This park is typically only open on select nights during the summer season. It contains an impressive collection of classic rides.

The park distinguishes itself from maintaining a look and operational style that reflects a place that is a half a century in the past.

While it seems that parts of the park have seen better days, this park appears to have a strong fan following.

When the sun goes down, the park's retro signage comes alive. Be sure to scroll down towards the end of the update to see Lakeside show its best side at night.

The standout attraction at the park in the Cyclone. This wooden coaster is still operated using levers and manual brakes with only a seatbelt as a restraint.

We recommend visiting Lakeside Park to gain an appreciation for how the amusement industry in the US started.